Marianne Williamson said; "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate,

                                       Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

Susan leads you to the realization that you are in fact powerful beyond measure and are therefore the creator of your experience.  Not only does this work cultivate deep serenity and fulfillment, but it also brings about very real results in all areas of your life.

Working with the whole person to balance the interrelated areas of your life can include career choices, change and development, self image and esteem, finances, relationships, health and wellness, as well as spirituality and connection.

Susan has a special ability to hold and remind you of your greatness when you are playing small, resulting in deep, lasting satisfaction in life.

  •     Get Over Old Patterns
  •     Learn how to Access and Master the Power of your mind to reach your Goals
  •     Do What you Wish You Would Do
  •     Live your Life on Purpose

Areas of Impact through Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy with Susan:

    Body -  Health, Fitness, Feeling Great,  Pain management, Healing, Making Peace, Loving your body
    Mind - Master Your psychology, Overcome addiction, Respond rather than React, Think for yourself rather than against
    Spirit - Tune in to Your Intuitive Guidance System, Build Trust, Know Yourself, work in unison with The Universe
    Relationships - Dating, Marriage, Divorce, Family and Children
    Communication - Communication Skills, Workplace, Family, Conflict
    Balance - Balance among all the aspects of your life, Self-Care
    Confidence & Self-Trust - Living a satisfying, balanced, successful life
    Money - Wealth Building, Income, Financial Intelligence, Law of Attraction
    Career - Business Building, Development, Transitions, Raises and Promotions, Career Fulfillment, Right Livelihood

Are you ready to put an end to thinking about how you wish it were and take action?

All that stands between you and your greatness is you, your beliefs, assumptions and fears.
Take the first step to find out more.

The Synergy of

Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy:

Life Coach and Hypnotherapist Susan Loraine Barker coaches your conscious and brings your subconscious on board making your goals attainable. 

Will power alone is not enough.  If it were, you would be where you want to be. 

The synergy of coaching and hypnosis tools supports, lifts and guides you while you release what's in your way evolving and expanding your experience of health, prosperity and relationship. 


What Stands Between You
and Your Greatness?

The Mandala Coach

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The Mandala is a reflection of Divine principles;

 Wholeness {Body, Mind, Spirit}, Unity {with Nature, Spirit and Each Other} and Harmony with a Benevolent Universe.

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