What Stands Between You
and Your Greatness?

The Mandala Coach


I am once again passionate about life.  I was referred to Susan by a friend of mine who was going through a divorce the same time as I was. Susan was amazing from the very beginning holding me accountable and helping me to grow.
I learned a lot from Susan and it wasn't easy. She is compassionate and heart centered with a deep caring soul.
In helping me through some very difficult times she used her wisdom, her knowledge and her intuition in a way that not many others are capable of. I was quite mixed up and suffering from a lot of fear and anxiety.

I was not only going through a divorce but my relationships with my children were strained and a business I spent 20 years building was in turmoil. Susan helped me calm my mind and gain perspective and accomplish the three most important things in my life and that was growing my relationship with my children  my business and my love life. I can happily state today that I am married to a beautiful woman who is truly my soulmate, my business has never been stronger nor ever looked brighter and the relationships with my 5 kids is better than I could have imagined. If someone would have told me 4 years ago this was possible I wouldn't have believed them but Susan believed in me and helped me find the way. The work wasn't always easy but she was there to help me along the way. I learned I have much to be grateful for and one of the things I will always be most grateful for is Susan.



Susan is an experienced and intuitive Hypnotherapist.  I worked with Susan prior to both of my recent joint replacements, hip then knee, and throughout both recoveries.  Before the first surgery we concentrated on beginning the healing process before the procedure even took place, removing the fear and managing my pain.  The treatments were very effective and Susan gave me several exercises that I could do on my own which I used to reduce my pain and calm myself in the hospital.  With the first surgery I had a lot of blood loss, so prior to the second surgery not only did we work on pain management and healing, we also worked on keeping my blood circulating during the process.  My second surgery I had much less blood loss. I definitely believe in the power of hypnosis and Susan's skills.

Leeann Enright

Prospect Heights, IL

"I left a job, a career of thirty odd years, because it no longer resonated with me or my values."

"From when I first started working with Susan as my coach to now, I feel like I have become a completely different person.  I have learned who I am and have learned how to live with integrity - putting my own values first.  Susan has gently guided me to stretch into this new me.

Unlike several other coaches I had earlier, Susan addresses the whole me, the holistic being that I am.  I am never quite sure the direction our telephone conversation will take, but always hang up feeling I know and like me a little better.

I left a job, a career of thirty odd years, because it no longer resonated with me or my values. I could never have done this without her support and championing for me.  With Susan's help I learned to trust that I would be shown the right direction to go and now I have.  Some of my changes have been physical as I have regained my health and fitness and morphed from a size 14 to size 8.  At 58 I look like I did at 40.  I've always been adventuresome but now I am doing things I never thought of doing before.  I am excited to be on the brink of something great - becoming someone I didn't know I could be.
Thank you, Susan, for being the incredible, loving coach you are.

With much love,

Terri MacKinnon
 Ontario, Canada

"... I finally took the leap many never take and started my own business."

Susan Barker is a great coach.  She helped me to better see and be my true self, reconnect with what's important to me, recognize my strengths, remember the big picture, set goals, remove obstacles and be more accountable.

Such powerful lessons lead to concrete results.  For example, I had long been interested in sustainability issues and had lots of ideas about going into business for myself---someday.  But with Susan's guidance, I came to realize it was my calling and that I was ready.  Last fall, I finally took the leap many never take and started my own business: Green CPA, LLC.

Another example: two areas I needed to work on were networking and public speaking.  Susan encouraged me to join Toastmasters which just so happens to address both areas. I have already done several speeches and am currently the chapter treasurer.

Susan's patient insight and practical guidance have made a big difference in my life.  i would highly recommend Susan barker, Certified Empowerment Coach to anyone.

Glenn Reed

Prospect Heights, IL

"Working with Susan has been a revelation for me."

Your friends and family love you and will temper their opinions of you and your actions and will not always ask you the difficult questions. Working with Susan has been a revelation for me. She routinely asks me the tough questions and holds me accountable for my actions in the present and the future that I am working to create.  Without the work that we have done, I would be stuck in the mud not realizing the power I have to change my life and the lives of those around me.

 Mundelien, IL

"Working with Susan has completely changed the direction of my life."

Susan has helped me get out of my own way, examining the stumbling blocks that were holding me back. She is methodical and practical, yet honors my emotional and spiritual sides as well. With her help I have been able to both envision where I wanted my life to go and take the necessary steps to make that path a reality. I have learned to prioritize my passions and my natural gifts and let them lead me into right livelihood.  What a gift!

 Anne Clough
 Algonquin, IL

"In just 6 months of coaching with Susan,

I experienced more personal growth and progress than I did in over 5 years with a Clinical Psychologist"

"Not because my prior counselor was not educated and skilled, but because Susan is so amazing. Susan has just the right balance of pushing me to do what needs to get done, and giving me the room to work at my own pace. She has the ability to hear what I am saying even though I don’t have the right words. She listened to me and helped me find my true path. With her encouragement I was able to move my life in the right direction. She truly cares about me and poured her (and what felt like God’s) love on me every time we talked."

Dorothy Deemer

 Licensed Massage Therapist

 Wheeling, IL

"One of the best things I ever did for myself was to take Susan’s offer to act as my Empowerment Coach seriously."

"Susan is one of the most loving, clear and compassionate people I’ve had the honnour of connecting with. She unerringly followed through on her word - she helped me articulate my vision and then she held it for me when I would momentarily lose it. She held me accountable to myself when I would fall into my swamp of despair and she not only celebrated me, but she helped me celebrate myself when I would surface, rise up from the muck and be in the light.

 Just knowing Susan was there for me every week helped me stay connected to my innate inner wisdom and focused on my path. Thanks to Susan’s keen direction, I have been able to identify and shed some light on my gremlins - the good news is – hey, they aren’t nearly as scary and limiting as I have lived my life believing.

May I suggest that if the thought has occurred that your empowerment is something you would like help embodying - listen to your deepest desires and then contact Susan! I know I’ll be coming back for more of her loving coaching because the art of being empowered is an on going journey."

Lynn Woodman

Voice, Speech, Presence & Presentation Coach

Toronto, Canada

"Susan has been instrumental in helping me to see my shortcomings and my strengths."

"Without judgment, Susan has shared her insights that have shown me alternative ways of seeing things that were causing me heartache and frustration with myself and the people in my life. Her honesty and her support have enabled me to see more clearly what I really want to make happen and to help me to enforce my boundaries. She helps redirect my energy from the negative places it can sometimes go to a more healthy and positive bend that benefits me in that it moves me from being stuck to being willing to make things happen using my talents and gifts. She is great at helping me to see that I am a powerful, wonderful, loving person and that I am heading in the direction that I want to go with the intention of meeting with great success when I get there."

 Linda Kahn Stremmel

 Certified Coach

 Wilmette, IL

" I am very appreciative to Susan for helping me work through some worries that were getting in the way of me living a more full and happy life.  Susan has a very loving approach on how to handle situations that leaves me feeling more peaceful instead of stressed.  I have a new perspective towards people in my life and also towards myself and what is expected of me.  Letting go of the "shoulds" really helps!

Wants to remain Anonymous

"Susan is a wonderful coach. She meets me where I am and does not rush my progress. Since I can be in a hurry to complete things Susan actually slows me down and  helps me to see that the universe unfolds as it is intended.  
This has brought greater peace to my life."

Kim Donhauser
Columbus , OH