What Stands Between You
and Your Greatness?

I will create a playshop just for you and your friends on a date that works for you.  Contact me for the details.

Vision Board Playshop
Creating a vision board is a creative process of imagining, listening and allowing. It brings clarity to what is calling you, what you need more of, what you need less of and what you want to experience next. The creative process is enlightening and the result gives you a visual map of where you want to go and what you want to choose on a daily basis to get there. This playshop runs 3-4 hours.

The Sacred Contract Playshop
Your sacred contract is to drop the illusions of your smallness and discover the power of your Spirit. You came to this life to learn and evolve. Your personality traits or archetypes are part of your contract. They help you to experience life as you do through your attitudes and beliefs so that you have the opportunity to access your Higher Self. Your archetypes are how you contracted to see the world.
During this playshop you will discover your 12 natal archetypes and where they most strongly influence your feelings, motivations and drives. You will learn how to ally yourself with them to create your best life going forward. You will be able to see your path clearer than ever before.
This playshop runs approximately 3 hours

The Sacred Contract
Mandala Playshop
This expanded playshop is a full afternoon of self-discovery and play.  You will discover your 12 natal archetypes and how they have influenced the patterns in your life.  You will get a clear picture of your highest path and how to ally yourself with your sacred contracts going forward.  Next you will incorporate all that you have discovered into your unique mandala thereby deepening your understanding of your path with a beautiful Sacred Circle to take home and remind you of what works for you. This playshop runs 4-5 hours.

Want a
Private Sacred Contracts Session to discover what your archetypes are, how they have worked in your life and how you can best partner with them to fulfill your contracts going forward?  Want to know what your divine path is? Contact me to schedule a one on one session. This 2 -3 hour, in depth, private coaching session costs $150 and can be in person or over the phone.

Mandala Playshops

Mandala playshops are a unique experience offered by coach, educator and artist Susan Loraine Barker by appointment. Susan draws on her 26 years of making and teaching the art of the mandala to create a fusion of play, moving meditation and the healing affirmation of self-discovery in this 2 hour respite from the world and your inner noise.
The playshop includes a brief history of the mandala, music, the powerful experience of creating your own unique, sacred circle and the interpretation of your personal message. Drawing skills are in no way needed or required. We are all creative beings. Trust in your ability to play.

Playshops with a special focus are described below:

Love Your Body Playshop:
This mandala playshop is about more than body acceptance, it is about falling in love with your magnificent body, which results in honoring and trusting in the miracles inherent in this vessel that allows you to experience life.

Health & Wellness Playshop:

This mandala playshop focuses on the body's incredible ability to heal itself and tuning into what it is telling you, resulting in the ability to work with your body rather than fight it.

Prosperity Playshop:
This mandala playshop is about bridging the gap between feeling lack and knowing prosperity.  The law of attraction states that the Universe always matches your energetic vibration.  If you are vibrating lack then the Universe will match that. This Playshop is about vibrating prosperity.

****Connection Playshops****

Connection for Couples:
This playshop is for you and your partner.  It is about your connection, what you have to teach each other, appreciate about each other and unconditional love.

Mandala Playshops

" I have attended 5 mandala playshops facilitated by Susan, and enjoyed each one.  Besides being a talented artist, Susan is an excellent teacher and knows her subject well.
 An unexpected benefit of the playshops is how I feel after I've completed my mandala.  My mind is quiet. The mental chatter is no longer there. Peace was the last thing I expected from the playshop, but it is a lovely gift.
I don't consider myself an artist.
Drawing was something I enjoyed as a child, but gave up because I didn't think I was good enough. The playshops have been an opportunity to express myself in a fun way.  It's a chance to play...and learn something about myself as well."
                                                      ~ Barb Ogareck

" You are so gifted!  My evening last night was beyond anything I thought it would be.  I felt energized yet extremely peaceful at the same time.  I was quite surprised by the amount of insight my mandala gave me.  I, who think I am so in tune to my feelings, created a new understanding and awakening to hat was going on with me.  Thank you so much for that gift.  I look forward to more of these for new insights into my life!"  ~ Mary Ellen Scanlin

"I attended Susan's Mandala Playshop at a very precarious time in my life.
My nephew had been murdered a week earlier. I struggled with the meaning of his death...the violence of it. And with the anger...in that the killers had not yet been found. Our family was reeling in emotion and needing a sense of closure.
Susan took me through a meditation visualization and then set me free to create while soulful music filled the studio.

I let myself disappear into the moment and allowed my instinct and intuition guide the chalk onto the paper.  My mind was empty for the time being and I was grateful.
Upon completing a color rich mandala, Susan worked magic with her coaching.  She guided me through uncovering meaning for shapes, design and colors.  I was free to make it mean what I felt was right. Susan invited me to share if wanted.
What i found was a peaceful understanding that life does not always make sense.  I titled my mandala "Unwritten" as I discovered an acceptance and forgiveness to my nephew's death...something that seemed without sense or reason.

It is interesting how the unconscious mind will work to put together seemingly unrelated experiences into something that is healing and completing.
I definitely recommend Susan's Mandala Playshop to anyone looking for a creative and unusual experience to help heal and break through a resistance that may be present in life.
Thank you Susan." ~ Wendy Roob

Connection for Generations:

This playshop is for Mothers and daughters, fathers and sons, grandfathers and granddaughters and every combination there of.  It is about your connection, what you have to teach each other, appreciate about each other and unconditional love.

Connection for Families:
This playshop is for the whole family. It is about your connection, what you bring to each other, teach each other, appreciate about each other and unconditional love.

Oneness Playshop:
This playshop is about your connection to all of life, all that is.  It is about your Divinity.

The Mandala Coach

Want a Private Mandala Session to create and interpret your sacred circle?  Contact me to schedule a one on one session.

Susan also offers private playshops for you and your friends or family in her studio or your home.  You can book a private playshop for your book club, Mom's night out, spiritual group, couples group, church, retreat or conference on a mutually viable date simply by
contacting me.

"I am the co-organizer of an annual women's retreat called Abundia, www.abundia.org. Susan presented a mandala playshop at our 2007 retreat with around 25 attendees participating.  The feedback was overwhelmingly positive both for the activity itself and for Susan's facilitation.  Comments on the evaluations included: "Mandalas rock!","Can we have this workshop every year?", "It was wonderful and insightful for me.", "What an amazing tool!", "Susan asked such insightful questions", and "Loved it!"
Susan has a wonderful presence and through her playshops, gives each participant the gift of creativity, color, introspection and growth."
                                                                        ~ Leeann Enright, President, Abundia, Inc.