Mandalas are most recognized as the intricate, sand paintings created by Tibetan Monks.

The word Mandala simply means circle in the ancient language of Sanskrit.

Mandalas are made by every culture as evidenced by Spanish cloisters, European rose windows, Aztec sun dials, African baskets and vessels, Native American medicine wheels, French Labyrinths, Celtic knotwork, The Chinese YinYang, and Islamic Mosques.

Mandalas originated in nature. Nature is a mandala from every seed, egg and pebble to the ripples on a pond and cycle of seasons, from every atom to the stars, planets and solar system.  A mandala by its very nature is infinite.  We, ourselves, are perfect mandalas in every way.  We grow physically, mentally and spiritually, always expanding and radiating.  We are life.

Why are we compelled to make and understand Mandalas?

To understand a mandala is to understand ourselves.  The more we understand ourselves, the more of ourselves we can share with the world.

The mandala is always complete and whole, as are we.

The mandala is infinite and therefore one with all that is, as are we.

The making of a mandala is a moving meditation which centers us in the present where life and Source actually exist.

Meditation on a mandala quiets the wandering mind and brings us back to the beauty of who we are and our inherent connection to all that is.

Making a mandala reveals the subconscious in a visual snapshot of who we are in the moment and what we need to know.

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