Do you get frustrated with yourself?
Maybe you have goals that never quite come to fruition?  Or know that certain habits of yours aren’t serving your health, how you feel about yourself or moving you toward how you want your life to be, and yet you don’t change them?

Why is it that we continuously seem to make choices in direct opposition to what we know we want or don’t want? 
A reason for this dilemma is that what you consciously want is being continuously over ridden by your subconscious. 
Depending on who you are listening to, or even who you are, your conscious mind is 5%-15% of what’s going on in your head.
The rest is subconscious. 
And thank goodness for this.

If we were actually conscious of everything we took in we would be quite mad. What this means though is that the core beliefs that we grew up with, that we formed based on experience and that our family, tribe and culture has taught us are really running the show, often beliefs we don’t consciously agree with!

Your conscious decisions, when not in alignment with all that’s embedded in your subconscious, get derailed quite easily by a formidable wall of unchanging belief that you are not even aware of!

Understanding that your subconscious beliefs are running your actions is the first step to making changes that last and get us where we want to be. As you can surmise, this is the reason all that internal chastising, shaming and bullying hasn’t solved the problem! As a matter of fact it has made us feel worse and worse about ourselves often resulting in even more behavior that doesn’t serve us. Will power just doesn't cut it when your subconscious is not on board.


The key to making the changes you want in your life is to get the subconscious on board and in alignment with the conscious.  Once the beliefs that are in the way have been identified and the choice has been made to allow old beliefs that are not working for you to be replaced with better beliefs that will serve your goals then hypnosis is an excellent tool for bringing the subconscious in to alignment with what the conscious wants. When there is agreement on all your levels, being your best self becomes easy and struggle is a thing of the past.

Hypnosis can help with:                                                                    Medical Hypnosis can help with:

  • Your Success                                                                                      Autoimmune Disease

  • Academia                                                                                            Cancer

  • Stress Management                                                                            Chronic Illness

  • Self-Esteem                                                                                         Physical Symptoms

  • Confidence                                                                                          Pain Management

  • Cravings                                                                                              Health and Healing

  • Depression                                                                                          Fear of medical procedures

  • Meditation                                                                                            Fibromyalgia

  • Mindfulness                                                                                         Irritable Bowel Syndrome

  • Motivation                                                                                            Incontinence

  • Performance                                                                                        Insomnia

  • Perfectionism                                                                                       Surgery: fear, pain mngmnt, blood regulation, healing 

  • Healthy Habits                                                                                     Hypertension

  • Weight                                                                                                 Healthy living

    Insomnia                                                                                              Irritable Bowel Disease
  • Forgiveness                                                                                         Panic Attacks
  • Self-Hypnosis                                                                                       Fear of medical and dental procedures

  • Sleep difficulties                                                                                    Addictions

  • Smoking Cessation

  • Fears

  • Fear of Public Speaking

  • Fear of Flying

  • Fear of medical and dental procedures

  • Past Lives

  • Healing

  • Memory

  • Relaxation

  • Addictions

...Just to name a few.  Hypnosis can help with any issue that involves a belief that's not serving you or a struggle between the conscious wants and the subconscious resistance. Hypnosis is the art of You controlling your mind, not someone else. It is a state of focus and enhanced awareness, not sleep. It is an efficient, natural and enhanced state of learning and release.

Medical Hypnosis is where the power of your mind will astonish you.  This is my specialty.  Your mind controls your body. Through Hypnosis you can ask your mind to regulate your blood pressure, prepare for surgery, heal quicker, lessen symptoms, turn down pain, strengthen regulation of urine, absorb nutrients, sleep, relax, boost immune function and adopt healthy living habits.


In their 2013 article Hypnosis for  Cancer Care: Over 200 Years Young, Montgomery, Schnur et al. describe the use of hypnosis with cancer patients.  They cite a documented case from 1829 in Paris when M. le Docteur Chapelain used mesmerism (what hypnosis was known as at this time) during several months with a Madame Plantin who was suffering from an ulcerated cancer of one of her breasts which extended to a massive enlargement of her axillary lymph node.  The doctor used hypnosis as an anesthetic during a dissection operation, in which Madame Plantin was calm and demonstrated good pain control.  

They provided information on several studies in which certain patients receive hypnosis while others did not.  The following is a brief description of the outcome of three of the studies (Montgomery, Schnur et al., 2013)

In the first example, a study involving 236 women who were undergoing large core image-guided breast biopsy, a random number of them were chosen to receive hypnosis and others standard care.  The findings were that those who received hypnosis had lower levels of anxiety and pain during the procedure versus those that did not (Montgomery, Schnur et al., 2013)..

In a second study 20 patients who had undergone excisional breast biopsy, had a select number of them chosen to receive  hypnosis; those that did, had significantly less post-biopsy pain, and experienced less distress prior to and post the biopsy procedure(Montgomery, Schnur et al., 2013).

The third and final study followed ninety patients who were scheduled to undergo excisional breast biopsy.  Of these ninety patients, a random number of them were chosen to a pre-biopsy hypnosis group, the findings were that the those who had belonged to the hypnosis group had experienced significantly less pre-biopsy emotional upset, depressed mood and anxiety, and were much more relaxed than the other patients who had not received hypnosis (Montgomery, Schnur et al., 2013).

They stated, “Hypnosis has been consistently shown to improve clinical and cost outcomes associated with diagnostic procedures” (Montgomery, Schnur et al., 2013).


Montgomery, G. H., Schnur, J. B., & Kravits, K. (2013). Hypnosis for Cancer Care: Over 200 Years Young. CA: A Cancer Journal for Clinicians, 63(1), 31–44. doi:10.3322/caac.21165



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